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I just read an interesting article.Why Is Internet Still So Slow And Expensive In The U.S.?

to quote it here

Take the National Broadband Map. Many of us in the industry define true broadband as a symmetric connection with at least 100 megabits per second (Mbps).  If you believe the National Broadband map, 97% of North Carolina (where I live) has access to 100 Mbps.  Yet, almost no one that I know either in North Carolina or across the United States can download at at that speed. (Check my earlier article for a chart of speeds that my technology aware friends shared with me last fall.)

Meanwhile, the FCC’s minimum standard for broadband is set as 4 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload, but no one I know considers that true broadband.

Using AT&T Uverse I am paying for approx 21mbps down.
Below you can see that since I have one TV running taking some of that bandwidth, I am getting 11.93mbps down. 4.80mbps up.


Jumping to the National Broadband Map it appears I should be getting much more.
Someone in the Government is cooking the books.
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